MET Contract Purchase Price Calculator

This calculator will allow you to calculate the MET contract purchase price for various options available given the proposed beneficiary's date of birth and current grade. You can use the calculator in two ways - one to calculate the price of a contract for a specific combination of contract type, purchase plan, and semesters purchased, or you can enter the estimated amount that you want to spend, which will display all applicable options. If you have questions regarding MET, please call (800) MET-4-KID or email treasMET@michigan.gov.

Pay-As-You-Go Contract Price Calculator

The calculators below may be used to help estimate the amount of contributions required to purchase a desired set of credit hours at the going rate for the contract type you selected above. Or, it may help in deciding how much and how often you want to contribute to a Pay-As-You-Go contract. A reminder that credit hour rates change annually. Credit hour costs will be set each enrollment period to be effective on the first day of enrollment and are subject to increases during that enrollment period.

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